(Image: Julia's Pantry)
The Inala Civic Centre is one of the modern cultural treasures of Brisbane. Visitors can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of Australian-Vietnamese culture.

The surrounding suburbs are home to some of this country's strongest Vietnamese communities, and they come together at the Civic Centre and make it a dynamic hub of activity. There are a surprisingly large number of Asian grocers, restaurants, food and drink outlets, and other Vietnamese speciality shops.

This is an ethnically-diverse area and so the market-style grocer shops are also busy with people from the Middle East, India, Africa and the Pacific Islands, among others.

The Centre is now over 50 years old and a bit rough around the edges compared to shiny new malls, and although there is room for improvement this only adds to the charm of Brisbane's 'Little Saigon'.

This website has been put together to raise appreciation for this unique place, in the hope that the cultural qualities of the Civic Centre can be protected for years to come. Or, at the very least, to encourage Brisbanites to enjoy it while they can.